The bright sights of fall

Too bad summer is over, the end of summer always makes me sad. Byebye sun, tanned skin, ice cream, beach.
But! Hello fall.
Yes, it's gonna be cold and dark but I force myself to look at the bright sight of fall so here it is:

- Warm chocolate with whipped cream
- Beautiful colors everywhere. Just look around.
- Picking up fallen leaves, nuts, chestnuts, moss
- Beautiful mushrooms. Red with white spots, thinking about your childhood. Even if it wasn't a careless childhood, I'm convinced every child loves to look at this beautiful mushrooms
- Walking trough the wood with your boyfriend
- Or walking just alone to clear your mind
- Putting the heating on
- Buying new clothes
- And, looking forward to all the fun things like Christmas, NewYear, sitting down with the family.

Fall can bring beauty and joy to everyone, just look at the bright sights.

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