Great website

You should really check out this amazing website:


It's all about Do It Yourselfs, I can't stop looking around on this page. The most beautiful things.


Amazing mannequin

Yesterday I went to a brocante sale and found this amazing piece, I absolutely love it.
It's a little mannequin made from wood and paper with a vintage look.
Don't you love to look around at sales where you can get amazing pieces for just a little money?



It's just such a good day, the sun is shining. I've done a lot of work, even got time to play the piano.
At the and of the day when dinner is almost ready I often think about the things I did that day, what did I actually do? Time flies, days go by. The day is over before you even have the time to think about it.
When a new day arrived I'm gonna try to overthink what my day is gonna to be look like, what has priority? What can wait?
But most of all: force myself to keep looking around me, so the little things can bring me joy over the day. Just like these butterflies.

Spend some time in the garden, and saw these beautiful butterflies. When you're taking pictures of these little beautiful animals they are even more beautiful because you're looking at them in all kind of positions.


Great website about designing and decorating

You definitely should see this website: http://freshome.com/
Interior design ideas, home design ideas, interior decorating & architecture inspiration.


The bright sights of fall

Too bad summer is over, the end of summer always makes me sad. Byebye sun, tanned skin, ice cream, beach.
But! Hello fall.
Yes, it's gonna be cold and dark but I force myself to look at the bright sight of fall so here it is:

- Warm chocolate with whipped cream
- Beautiful colors everywhere. Just look around.
- Picking up fallen leaves, nuts, chestnuts, moss
- Beautiful mushrooms. Red with white spots, thinking about your childhood. Even if it wasn't a careless childhood, I'm convinced every child loves to look at this beautiful mushrooms
- Walking trough the wood with your boyfriend
- Or walking just alone to clear your mind
- Putting the heating on
- Buying new clothes
- And, looking forward to all the fun things like Christmas, NewYear, sitting down with the family.

Fall can bring beauty and joy to everyone, just look at the bright sights.


Reaching your goals

As you look back on your life, you will probably find that you reached and exceeded many of your goals. But, at the same time, you may find that you've didn't reach all the things you want to reach.
Everyone always says you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do then by the ones you did do. So does it matter you've didn't reach it all?
My opinion is always try it out, we don't know what will work. If it's not working, I'm convinced something good comes from it.

So think about all the different things in life you've already accomplished.

What I've reached? My lovely boyfriend, only one year left till graduating as a social worker, great plans to go to university, nice friends, I'm happy with who I am.
I first regret not going to university right away, but after all I think this will be the best way for me to reach my goals.


Little beautiful things: don't forget to;

- Can you remember the last time you stopped to smell a flower? No? Just do it, look closely at each flower individually and just smell it. It will make you smile.

- Try to think about all the persons you love, how many time you say 'I love you' to these people? Just do it, It's just to love, and be loved.

- Enjoy your food. Really taste it.

- Just look up to the sky and you'll see beautiful things. Shapes in the clouds, sunlight shining through, litlle fluffy clouds, clouds with beautiful colors, rainbows, bright stars.

- Light a candle for a reason. This reason also can be yourself, cozy on the couch enjoying the light

Sometimes the beauty of it seems unreal, but don't forget that one little thing, will make your day a good day.